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When I got home from work last night, I noticed Mac hanging out on the patio table and my backyard bunny chomping away about 12 feet away. Amazingly, they both stayed like that long enough for me take a picture:

cat watches the bunny

Mac eyeing the backyard bunny

You can barely see the bunny on the middle left, near the overgrown bushes. Mac is watching him from the top of the patio table. Mac was really lazy, and didn’t even chase the bunny after he bounded away when I walked closer. I see this bunny all the time in the yard — maybe I should give him a name already. He (or she) is practically a pet these days, the way he (or she) is constantly around nibbling on my lawn.

At least the bunny wasn’t noshing on my strawberries.


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MLA 2010

So just got back into town from attending the MLA conference in Washington DC. I’m too tired to go into all the great things I got to see and people I met, but I will share this very brief video of me being paparazzi to Magic Johnson:

He happened to crash the conference (kidding! like anyone, especially a world famous basketball player, would crash a conference of librarians) and I caught it on my iphone (which is why the quality is so crappy).

Just thought I would share. 🙂

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Last year I bought one strawberry plant. I got lazy and didn’t put it in a strawberry pot, opting instead to plant it near the ivy next to the patio. Most of the time the bunnies ate my strawberries before I could get them, so I only had a few strawberries last year. Time passed, and I promptly forgot about my sad little strawberry plant.

Turns out strawberries will come back and fruit for up to 3 years, and will expand if given space. There is a lot of space for expansion among the ivy, so I’ve got quite the strawberry patch going this year. And I’m beating the bunnies (probably because Mac scares the bunnies away) at getting the strawberries. Just look what I harvested moments ago:


There would have been double that, if I included the berries that had been snacked on by bugs or other critters. Lots more strawberries waiting to ripen, too.

I’m so excited! I have fresh homegrown strawberries for my breakfast tomorrow!

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Wild Kingdom in My Backyard

I noticed the other day the skink(s) was/were back, hanging out around the stone wall on my patio. Apparently, Mac the cat noticed as well. Check out the excitement and riveting commentary: 😉

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Lady Gaga Spoofs

First, some NPR staff do Lady Gaga:

The only thing hotter than those brainy NPR guys (c’mon, I can’t be the only gal out there that got a little swoony putting faces to those voices) are these guys, also doing Lady Gaga:

I just love a guy that’s got dance moves. 🙂

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The Daily Show on Nashville

Via Monica and Rachel on Facebook: Jon Stewart talks about the flooding in Nashville. Yep, I’m giggling.

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Nashville Flood

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the devastation to my city caused by 2 days of record rains and the flooding not seen in centuries that resulted from all that water.

I can’t believe how blessed I am that I was not directly affected — that everything I have is still dry and in the same place it was on Friday — when a dear friend lost everything.

I wish I had written this, because it so clearly says what I think: Nashville is ignored by “the media” for many reasons, but probably mainly because we do what needs to be done and take care of ourselves and each other.

And that’s why I love Nashville, and am so thankful that I live here again.

Want to help? Donate. I did. It’s a start anyway.

Second Harvest Food Bank

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Red Cross

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