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Do I Change the Blog?

So my mom asked if I was going to change the photo at the top of the blog now that I have Boone.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Part of me thinks I should keep Trooper’s picture up in memory, but part of me also thinks I might need to move on.

What should I do?


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Boone, Day 1

Some videos of Boone.

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Introducing… BOONE!

I’ve been without a canine companion since I had to put Trooper to sleep last November. Just recently I started to feel that itch that I needed a dog, and started looking around at my options. Earlier today I found a dog — not exactly the dog I expected to find, and not what I thought I was looking for, but it just feels right.

Say hi to Boone.

Boone (formerly named Tyler) is a 4-month old Lab mix (looks like mostly Labrador retriever, with maybe some hound in there) that I found at the Nashville Humane Association.

An active puppy / teenager is hard to pin down for pictures and such, but I hope to have some more up soon.

Yep, be ready for all kinds of puppy stories.

We’re off to see the vet for a first checkup shortly, and I need some quality time with the internet to remind myself how to crate train, housebreaking techniques, and all the other important tips for having a well adjusted dog.

Wish me luck….

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Dear Borders Bookstore,

I tried. Really, I tried — yet again — to buy something at your store. Even after you proved on multiple previous occasions that you just didn’t care about me, an avid book reader and purchaser.

Did you have the book I wanted — Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews — when I wanted it? No. Your online inventory said “likely in store” — lies!

I went to your store on West End Avenue in Nashville once again, hoping against hope that you would have the book, which was released only last Tuesday. I figured odds would be good that you’d have it. I mean, it’s a new release, and you tend to have those.

Apparently, you did have it, at some point — 3 copies of it, according to the nice worker that helped me. “That’s all we got in,” said Ms. Helpful Employee. “We can order it for you. Probably will be here next week.”


Here’s the thing. It’s not like you’ve never heard of that author. You had multiple copies of her other books in the same series. I counted 3 Magic Bites, 2 Magic Burns, and 1 Magic Strikes (oh, and 2 On the Edge, another series) on the shelf in Sci Fi / Fantasy. I also saw 3 copies each of Bites and Burns on a cart to put out.

That’s great. I’m glad you carry her backlist. But what I really wanted was THE NEW BOOK. You know, the one just released that people might be looking for. You didn’t have it. You only had 3 copies and they had all been sold. But hey, you did offer to have me order it from you.

How about this, you order more than 3 copies to begin with and I’ll buy the book instead of having to compete and lose against 3 other readers.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to get over my seething anger at your incompetence as a bookseller, put back the four other books I’d picked up along the way as I searched your store high and low for Magic Bleeds, and place my order with Amazon.

Aaaaaaannnd my order with Amazon, using Prime shipping (lovely invention, that) is complete and practically at my door (delivery by Thursday, 3 June!). The best you could do was “sometime next week”.

Once again, MAJOR FAIL, Borders. Thanks for nothing.


Tracy Shields
former happy and loyal customer

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