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Weekend Fun

It’s been busy around here, what with the snow, working Saturday (it took 45 minutes to walk it, but I got there and opened the library!), and dog sitting. Lots of things going on. And yet, there’s also been a lot of laying around and being lazy. Kinda like this:

That’s Huckleberry (doesn’t he just look like a Huck?), my kitting buddy Tiffany’s cute little dog. He’s been having lots of fun in the snow and playing with Kenai, my brother’s dog, who’s also been hanging out while my brother is in town.


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RIP, Old Washer and Dryer

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Zombie Apocalypse

I want my zombie apocalypse to be like this: Zombietopia: Best Case Scenario for the Apocalypse.

Except I also want Warren Zevon to come back, but not as a zombie, to assist in the soundtrack. He wrote a werewolf song, I’m sure he can write an awesome zombie song. Also, I want knitting and librarian-ish things to be critical skills for survival, so I’m essential. 😉

Snow in the forecast for Friday around here, so my previously scheduled grocery store trip after work today should look like one of those “end of the world” shopping sprees just to get milk and other things. Which reminds me of one of my all time favorite REM songs, which must be on my zombie apocalypse soundtrack.

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Laundry Reflections

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Cat in a Tree

So I’m waiting for the delivery people to get her with my washer and dryer, and Mac is looking outside longingly. I open the door, he runs out, and it’s only then that I notice a white cat roaming around the backyard.

I watched a live action version of a cartoon for a few minutes, as the cats chase each other and the poor squirrel caught in the middle. Then it turns ugly — white kitty runs up one of my trees. Mac looks smug.

Long story short, white kitty, aka Snowflake, belongs to a neighbor in the condos behind my house, loves tree climbing, and is stuck in my black walnut. Mac looks smug and bored, so he goes off exploring. Apparently his work is done.

Martha, a very nice woman, comes out with Snowflake’s brother, Haji, to lure Snowflake down. It’s takes food and me walking away (I guess I’m scary) to get Snowflake all the way down, with a few tense moments in between. Then Snowflake gets stuck on the wrong side of the fence — my yard — and is slightly traumatized by me trying to be friendly. He finds a spot to squeeze under the fence and runs home.

I come back in, realize I’ve stepped not only in mud (the yard is one big mud hole this morning) but in something bloody and feathery, and not necessarily fresh. Lovely.

Mac is still out exploring. Hope he doesn’t get stuck in a tree, because I’ve had enough adventures today.

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Some Random Thoughts

I know it’s been forever since I posted — so long, in fact, that my brother actually called me to see what was up. I think my blogging is his excuse to not have to communicate in any real way, because between the blog and my mom, he already knows what’s going on. 😉

I’ve been busy, and really haven’t had much to say, so I guess that’s why there hasn’t been a new post in almost 2 weeks. That said, I have had a few random thoughts.

Is it ok to give my monthly charity donation to Haiti, if my regular charity might have to go without for a month? Should I split it evenly, so both get something? I feel torn. If I give it all to the Red Cross for Haiti disaster relief, will my clothes donation to Goodwill be enough to act locally? The whole point of donating to Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee is so that my support helps local families first. That’s a decision I made early on — first give to those around me that need help — and I want to maintain, but I don’t want it to be at the expense of others.

I am soooo looking forward to getting my new washer and dryer tomorrow! My weekend plans are to do laundry, go through all my clothes, and give to Goodwill. I have too much stuff. I suspect this will be a good weekend for Goodwill, as I plan on donating a lot. What I keep is going to get washed and reorganized.

I’m on Team Coco, and plan on staying up tonight to watch Conan’s last show. I watched his first on NBC, might as well watch the last.

I miss Trooper, and find myself drawn to dogs. As in, I’ll slow down when driving if I see a dog being walked or in another car, so I can watch the dog for a bit and get a fix. A bit pathetic, I know.

Mac the kitteh has been my mental lifesaver. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, as even most cat lovers would say that cats in general are batshit insane.

You know what’s a really yummy snack? Mini vanilla wafers with Nutella. Also tasty: Nutella with raspberries on crackers. I love Nutella — it goes with so much, and makes it seem so fancy. Mmmm… Nutella…

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Outside Kitteh

Mac is an indoor / outdoor cat. (Before any cat lovers get all up in arms, my vet is aware of this and is ok with it — Mac was outdoors before he found me, you know.)

I keep him indoors as much as possible and he has a litter box that he uses, but he still likes to explore. I think he needs outside experiences for his mental health, because he always seems happier and less stressed when allowed out.

With the cold and snow, I hesitated to let him out, but he wanted to go. This photo documents Mac’s encounter with snow this morning. He stuck a paw in and promptly turned around (see: left side of photo paw prints). Before he came all the way back in though, he turned back around and ventured out in yard (see: right side of photo paw prints).

Why brave the cold and snow when there is a nice warm house with a litter box?

Because Mac likes to poop outside and then hang out under a bush to jump out at unsuspecting passerby — until recently, Trooper or visiting dogs.

Who am I to argue with his kitteh nature?

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