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Documentary On Hoarding

Possessed, a documentary by Martin Hampton profiling 4 compulsive hoarders, has got to be one of the most fascinating yet disturbing things I’ve seen in a while.

I think I’ll spend the long holiday weekend organizing and tossing out things I don’t need.


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I’m not sure what kind of project I should work on at the moment. I’ve been playing around with different stitches in cotton yarn, but not with any actual result in mind, just practice. I need to do something productive.

Do I work on the scarf design I came up with over the winter, but haven’t touched in months? Do I start that cardigan I bought yarn for and said I would have done before I wanted to wear it? What about working on the baby blanket I said I would do? Something else entirely?

These are the dilemmas I face, Dear Reader, when I contemplate that growing stack of needles and yarns I have around the house.

Probably doesn’t help that I bought the Big Book of Knitting at McKay’s Used Books this past weekend, and have all kinds of other ideas in my head.

With the long holiday weekend coming up, I feel I need to do some knitting — start and/or finish something. We’ll see how likely that is.

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13 Year Old Critiques a Walkman

This article makes me feel so old.

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Blog Stats

I don’t have a lot of hits on this blog — not that I expect much beyond family and a few friends — with most days showing views in the single digits.

Still, every now and then there are spikes where I have over 20 views a day, or someone I don’t know leaves a comment. It gives me a thrill to know that out there somewhere a stranger has peeked in and felt the need to say something.

The stats page shows search terms that people have used to end up here, and almost daily there is at least one search term that shows up — “barefoot kids” or some variation of that.

That leads to one post in particular — Dolly Parton and My Family — that has had over 150 views since it was posted back in February.

A Google Images search brings back the school picture with Dolly, my dad, and my grandmother near the top of page 2 results, which is where all the hits are coming from, I guess.

Makes me wonder who’s looking and/or downloading the picture, and why they are looking for that sort of thing.

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They Grow Up So Fast

Today is the Big Black Dog’s birthday. He’s 7 years old, which is getting up there for dogs, especially large breeds like BBD. He’s now considered a senior.

Trooper hanging out on the patio on his 7th birthday

Trooper hanging out on the patio on his 7th birthday

I’ve had the BBD since he was 8 weeks old, and we’ve been together all that time, except for a few vacations when he had to stay at a kennel or with friends. I can’t imagine not having him. Even when he does something that is extremely frustrating or disheartening, I still can’t help but love that face.

He got his favorite treat — a Kong filled with peanut butter and treats — right after this picture. That perked his lazy butt up considerably, let me tell you. 🙂

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My new favorite way to find stuff in PubMed: NCBI ROFL (Thanks, Rachel!)

Sorry, are my medical librarian nerdy tendencies showing?

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This Is Why I Need Cable

I spent the better part of my evening watching Sandwiches That You Will Like, a PBS documentary on — wait for it — sandwiches.

And I enjoyed it immensely. I even made myself a sandwich because watching made me hungry.

Dear Reader, I need extended cable (and/or an intervention), and I need it now!

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