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I Am a Knitting Fool!

So I finished the black fingerless gloves for my hairdresser last night, and took them by the salon earlier today. They were a big hit! She showed them off to everyone around, including the guy at the station next to her, who coincidentally cut Mrs. Kitten’s hair (it looks lovely!) earlier in the day.

Then it was off to meet Mrs. Kitten and Zoetrope for another knitting session. We seem to meet whenever one of us gets a haircut, since we did the same thing last week after my haircut. It’s a great learning experience to knit as a group, and also a good social outlet.

I’m so lucky to have a couple of great coworkers that transition to friends away from work without being awkward or strange.

We were all looking to start a new project this knitting session. I’m working on a scarf based on one the Mrs. Kitten just finished to match my blueish fingerless gloves. Hopefully I’ll have it done before it’s too warm to wear it.

Now I just have to decide on how I’ll spend a quiet evening at home. My options include either reading (just a little left of The Graveyard Book), watching a movie (no idea what, but something from the collection since I’m done with my latest Netflix), or knitting while resting on the couch with the Big Black Dog. May be a little of everything.

I love Saturdays like today.


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Be a Librarian!

Are books your friends? Do you have a real love of books and learning? Then you too can find your life’s work by being a librarian!

My work is so much cooler than what is depicted here.

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10 Things About Me

I’ve been tagged twice now by friends (Hi, Joy and Jessica!) on facebook to write 25 random things.

“The rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.”

I tend to think of rules more like guidelines, so I’m going to change things a bit. First, I’m going to do this here and not on facebook. Second, I’m pretty sure I’d have a difficult time coming up with 25 things — I’m not interesting enough to have 25 fun facts to share — so I’m going to do 10.

So here goes…

10 random things about me

  1. When I was young, peanut butter (preferably crunchy) and cheese (Kraft singles) sandwiches were my favorite lunch.
  2. One day I woke up and peanut butter (crunchy or smooth) grossed me out to the point where I would gag just thinking about it. It’s taken me years to develop a tolerance for the smell of it. Peanuts do not bother me, and remain a favorite snack.
  3. I love to spend time on the internet reading about conspiracy theories and other alternative explanations for events.
  4. While in grad school, I once had a guy I was interested in tell me that he wasn’t surprised I was going to be a librarian, because I “already have the glasses and the clothes”. I lost interest in him.
  5. About a month after that, I had a guy ask me out at a stop light. It was a lovely spring day, I had my windows (and guard) down while driving. He had noticed me singing along to the radio, and yelled out his window if I would go out with him, because I was so sexy. Apparently, he really liked my version of Blondie’s “Call Me” and took it too literally.
  6. I took ballroom dancing lessons when I was in grad school, and performed a foxtrot to Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in front of about 100 people. I almost slipped and fell on my butt first thing, but otherwise had no problems performing the whole routine.
  7. About 6 years ago, I was hit by a guy on a bicycle — while driving my car. I heard a strange sound, looked in my rearview mirror, and saw a guy sprawled across the trunk of my Accord. He was a first-year medical student who was running late for class and didn’t notice that my car was stopped at a stop sign when he ran into me. No one was injured.
  8. I broke my left ring finger when walking the Big Black Dog when he was still a puppy. I got his leash looped around my finger, he pulled on the leash, and snap! a little sliver of bone broke away. I now have this large bump on the side of the joint closest to my hand.
  9. Family pets have included dogs, cats, fish, a cockatiel, chicks, ducklings, rabbits, a goat and her 2 kids, and cows — but I did not grow up on a farm. I’ve had to nurse a baby squirrel that fell out of a tree in the yard (he only lived a couple of days), a baby possum that my boss found in her yard (he was given to a wildlife rescue group in town), and a baby rabbit I found outside my apartment in New York (he died within a day).
  10. My guilty pleasures include romance novels, action movies (the more stuff blows up, the better), and Froot Loops.
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Helpful Tip #2: Umbrella

When it’s raining, it is helpful to have an umbrella around, and not to have left it the day before leaning against the wall of your office at work.

Bonus tip: positive visualization of holding an umbrella does not, in fact, keep the rain off. You just get positively wet.

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Want vs. Needs

One of my goals is to better manage my money and pay off my credit card. I’m making progress on paying off the card. I’ve never been good at budgeting, especially as things can change month to month. Keeping track of budget stuff is a constant challenge, but the biggest challenge for me is deciding what I really need versus what I want. For example,

Things I need:

  • food (for me and the pooch) — check
  • clothing (work and otherwise) — check
  • shelter — check
  • money to provide for all of it — check

Things I want:

That’s pretty straightforward. The challenge is when I have to decide what is a want and what is a need.

And then there is temptation. I’ve wanted an electric tea kettle for ages, but haven’t allowed myself to justify its purchase yet. I have a perfectly useful kettle for the stove, do I really need an electric one?

Then I see this comparison of stovetop vs. electric, and this post about a variable temp electric kettle. That is a thing of beauty, is it not?

At what point does denying what I want become problematic, in that I might overcompensate and do something worse (e.g., splurging on a bunch of books) when if I’d gone for the want (purchased the one book), I would have made out better overall?

I don’t know. I don’t have the answers. I’m not sure there’s always a right answer, as it may change from situation to situation.

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Neil Gaiman Books

So what little reading I’ve been doing lately has been mostly Neil Gaiman. I think it might be related to seeing a biography of him in Borders recently.

I’ve just been in the mood for his stuff. I’m currently reading Stardust (re-read, probably 4 times already, I think I have 2 copies), and Coraline is next. Probably will re-read Neverwhere and go through some of the Sandman graphic novels before it’s all over.

Anyway, just saw that he’s won the Newbery Award Medal for his latest work, The Graveyard Book.

The book has an amazing first sentence: “There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife.” [read an excerpt]

It’s currently on my to-read list, requested from the public library, but I’m 28 of 28 holds. I’m really, really tempted to buy it.

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Line Forms Here

Eskind Biomedical Library, taken by Edwin Donnelly (from Flickr)

Eskind Biomedical Library, taken by Edwin Donnelly (from Flickr)

Last night as I was leaving work, I decided to be lazy and take the shuttle to the garage. The shuttle drop off is right outside the library, and there was already a line forming waiting for the next one.

As I stood in line, a young woman, most likely an undergrad student, approached me and asked, “Is this the line to get into the library?”

I very helpfully told her that no, this was in fact a line for the shuttle and she could enter the library with no waiting.

I had to smile to myself (after she walked away, of course), and my first thought was, “yeah, right, like there’s a line to get into the library.” There might have even been a mental snort associated with that thought.

My second thought was, “is my library so popular that it is conceivable that there would be a line?” Then I realized that yes, my library is that popular.

A few weeks ago during exam time, we had to limit entrance when we had reached capacity inside the library. We turned away undergrads and others to give preference to our core patrons: medical center faculty, staff, and medical students.

There’s even a facebook group devoted to the library. While there are several members of the group that are library staff, it isn’t a majority.

It’s really cool when you think about it. Just another reason why I love my work and my workplace. 🙂

Update: Added photo of where I work. Thanks to Edwin Donnelly for allowing me to post his great photo of EBL found on Flickr.

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