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Winter Wonderland

So I’m in East Tennessee at my parents’ place for Christmas. We got about an inch of snow on Christmas Day, which was nice. Then we woke up to more (!) snow.

I may not be going back to Nashville as planned today. We’ll see….

dad's amish buggy


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Nashville Flood

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the devastation to my city caused by 2 days of record rains and the flooding not seen in centuries that resulted from all that water.

I can’t believe how blessed I am that I was not directly affected — that everything I have is still dry and in the same place it was on Friday — when a dear friend lost everything.

I wish I had written this, because it so clearly says what I think: Nashville is ignored by “the media” for many reasons, but probably mainly because we do what needs to be done and take care of ourselves and each other.

And that’s why I love Nashville, and am so thankful that I live here again.

Want to help? Donate. I did. It’s a start anyway.

Second Harvest Food Bank

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Red Cross

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I’ve got rivers of water coming off my backyard and around the house. Thankfully the water hasn’t come in the house yet. I tried to take video, but my camera battery died – the last recharge didn’t take.

News reports are frightening — this video is from yesterday, and I watched it live — showing everything from water rescues to flooding of the local news room building.

I have friends who had to evacuate their homes. There are reports that parts of Vanderbilt, where I work, is flooded. Considering how much flooding is around me, and I’m on the side of a hill out of the worst of it, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Will try to get pics or video of the worst of it up — if the power stays on.

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Weekend Fun

It’s been busy around here, what with the snow, working Saturday (it took 45 minutes to walk it, but I got there and opened the library!), and dog sitting. Lots of things going on. And yet, there’s also been a lot of laying around and being lazy. Kinda like this:

That’s Huckleberry (doesn’t he just look like a Huck?), my kitting buddy Tiffany’s cute little dog. He’s been having lots of fun in the snow and playing with Kenai, my brother’s dog, who’s also been hanging out while my brother is in town.

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Outside Kitteh

Mac is an indoor / outdoor cat. (Before any cat lovers get all up in arms, my vet is aware of this and is ok with it — Mac was outdoors before he found me, you know.)

I keep him indoors as much as possible and he has a litter box that he uses, but he still likes to explore. I think he needs outside experiences for his mental health, because he always seems happier and less stressed when allowed out.

With the cold and snow, I hesitated to let him out, but he wanted to go. This photo documents Mac’s encounter with snow this morning. He stuck a paw in and promptly turned around (see: left side of photo paw prints). Before he came all the way back in though, he turned back around and ventured out in yard (see: right side of photo paw prints).

Why brave the cold and snow when there is a nice warm house with a litter box?

Because Mac likes to poop outside and then hang out under a bush to jump out at unsuspecting passerby — until recently, Trooper or visiting dogs.

Who am I to argue with his kitteh nature?

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Oh Thursdays…

I guess it’s just been that kind of week for me. Not a big fan of Thursdays anyway — they keep me from Fridays and weekends.

Here’s how my Thursday is going so far:

I think my DVD player is screwy, because I couldn’t get the video to work on Mad Men Season 1 Disc 2 to work last night — watched on my computer instead. This is a new DVD player. I am not happy about it. Wiggling the cords and reattaching things didn’t work. I didn’t want to bother with it last night, but I’m going to have to address it tonight. I had one DVD that didn’t want to play last week, and I thought it had to be the DVD itself, but now I wonder.

The Big Black Dog refused to go out this morning because of all the rain, even when given the option of going out at 4am before the storms started. Most likely result is unpleasantness in the form of BBD’s “unfinished business” to be found when I come home this evening.

2 different lights in the house had the bulbs burn out this morning. I thought at first the power was out when I couldn’t turn on the hall light, but the bathroom was just fine. Then my bedroom light went in the middle of getting ready. Both lights will require me standing on a chair to change the bulbs. I’m thinking of getting new light fixtures anyway, so I might just leave them dark until my dad can change them out for me. 2 birds, 1 stone kind of thing. The light in the kitchen was flickering a bit when I left, so it may be next.

Oh, and I ran out of milk for my cereal this morning.

On the upside, I finished knitting my hat last night, so there’s that.

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Migraines and Weather

I think some of my migraines are caused by weather, specifically low pressure fronts. Those migraines just feel a little different than others — the pain is a little less but, a whole lot more nausea and sensitivity to light and smells.

Mid-day Sunday I started to feel it come on. I took my meds and proceeded to cancel my life until I felt better. Sorry, knitting group!

The meds worked, but I still felt off — nauseated, hypersensitive, and not quite myself. Later, the storms hit, and I could tell it was affecting my migraine.

During all this, I decided to check the weather and see if there was any correlation with my migraine. I pulled this off of weather.com, 12:42p local time on Sunday:


Notice that low pressure is just north of Tennessee. I’m practically sitting underneath it. Here it is with the storms coming with it, at 3:34p:


Then it finally moved through, as of 5:13p:


I know this must sound weird and like a bunch of crap, but I swear I could tell when the system was moving, just by how my head felt.

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