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Saturday at Target

I love Target. I haven’t been to a Wal-Mart in years. Literally. The last time I remember stepping into a Wal-Mart was my sophomore year of college. And this year is my 15th (!) college graduation reunion. So, yeah, been a while since I’ve done WallyWorld.

Anywho, I’m a Target gal. Well today I went to a different Target, just to keep it interesting, and have the challenge of shopping with a new store layout. Two things happened.

The first is not good — why do they insist on putting the womens size clothing next to maternity? Has no one ever noticed how insulting that is? Yes, I’m fat. Yes, my clothing requirements mean I have to get larger sizes. Yes, “they” insist on putting odd sizing (2X? Really? Like 2X is somehow better than 20? Big is still big.) and separating it from the “normal” clothes. But do they have to put it next to maternity? Fat does not equal pregnant except for the baby-on-board part. And don’t get me started on womens versus misses and that whole mess.

I tried to work up some righteous indignation and anger for activism on behalf of fat acceptance. Instead, I couldn’t seem to do more than sigh in weary resignation.

I hate that I’ve already been worn down by the system.

But then something kind of cute and funny happened later — at least I think so, not quite sure anymore — so I feel a little better about the whole womens / maternity thing.

While in Target, I grabbed up Lost Season 6 DVD, and was happily on my way out, when a nice looking guy with a little girl, probably around 4, stopped me and said, “hey, is that really the last season of Lost?”

I was all, “yes! So exciting!” and we got chatting about not being able to wait for the DVD on Netflix, the extra episode with Hurley, his wife will be so excited to know it is out, maybe he should go back and pick it up to surprise her, blah blah blah. Nothing flirty, just a nice little interaction with a stranger.

I start to walk away, and the little girl, who was listening the whole time, says “daddy, why are you talking to that lady? Who is she? Why are you talking to her? What are you talking about?” and just goes off about him talking to me. The kicker: “Daddy, you tell me I shouldn’t talk to strangers, so you shouldn’t be talking to strangers!”

Ha! 🙂

It was only later when I was putting my purchases on the belt thing to check out that I thought, “dude was totally checking out my cart to notice the DVD under my other stuff” and got a little bothered by it all.

I don’t think I’ve completely gotten used to the casual friendliness and sometimes nosiness that is inherent to the South after my 2-year sojourn in New York.


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My, It Has Been a While

So I’ve had some comments made about my lack of posting. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone but me would notice. I’ll work on writing more soon.

Yeah, I could start now, but I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday, have some scones in the oven, and a puppy running around half-crazed from lack of exercise and teething symptoms.

But at least it’s a new post, right? 😉

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