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At the Zoo

I recently took some vacation time and spent a few days visiting my brother, who now lives in Orlando, FL. One of the many things we did (yes, including the Harry Potter thing at Universal) was visit the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens where he volunteers.

I saw really cool things, some of which I cannot share because I got the special “know somebody behind the scenes” tour that isn’t officially offered. Ahem. 🙂

That said, I took lots of pictures with my brother’s camera (that I envy so much I’m a nice shade of green). Lots. Most of which suck. Here are a few that I like and feel are decent enough to post:


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Yes, I Did Forget I Had a Blog

Partly because I was on vacation for 1 week, partly because I’ve been slammed with work / life stuff, and partly because I’ve tried not to use my computer at home. Shocking, I know.

More to come. Promise.

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Boone in the Backyard

Very hectic weekend trying to catch up on life and various errands. Good thing I have such a helpful helper. 😉

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