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This Day in History

my birth announcement

Happy birthday to me, and all the other turkey babies out there.

May you have birthday cake instead of pumpkin pie with candles, birthday presents the day of your birthday instead of combo birthday-Christmas gifts or because someone wanted to get it on sale a few days later.

Oh, and many, many birthdays that don’t fall on Thanksgiving. 🙂


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My Own LOLCat

mac caught drinking out of the toilet

I caught Mac drinking out of the toilet the other day. I thought only Trooper did that sort of thing.

The look on Mac’s face kind of says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂

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I Love Electricity

As with many things, it wasn’t until I didn’t have something that I realized just how essential it was to have it. Case in point, electricity.

On Saturday morning, I had it all planned out — cleaning, organizing, shopping, etc. — so I would get everything I would need to get done to prepare for my family visiting for Thanksgiving. I was in the middle of cleaning when my electricity went out.

My first thought?

“Zombie apocalypse! Get the guns!” 😉

Only a few houses on my street had no power, and it was only out for about 2 hours, so it wasn’t a great loss. I didn’t like it though.

Here are a few things I couldn’t do because I didn’t have electricity:

  • Vacuum. Do they make battery powered vacuums?
  • Wash the floor. You’d think this is an activity that doesn’t require technology, but I ran out of hot water — no electricity to power the hot water heater.
  • Shower or do laundry. See no hot water issue above.
  • Charge my cell phone. This was an issue, because the battery was low, and I needed to report the outage to NES. Almost couldn’t let anyone know I didn’t have power.
  • Do anything on my computer or the internet. When I realized my cell phone was dying, I thought I could report it through the website. Problem was, I didn’t have internet because my wireless router was dead. My laptop battery was ok, but wouldn’t last long.
  • Grocery shopping. Not that I was limited in leaving the house, but I didn’t know how long I would be without power, and didn’t want to risk getting new groceries requiring refrigeration, or cause problems with the things already in my fridge and freezer.

I probably wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a developing country, or after the zombie apocalypse.

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Sad, But OK

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Everyone has been just awesome about the situation with Trooper.

My friends and coworkers have all be supportive and understanding — several offered to go with me when it happened, and many have checked in on me during the day. When I saw the LOLCats photo above, I knew exactly what it meant to portray.

My boss, who admitted she didn’t understand the pet thing, let me take a couple days off so I could deal with it all. I am truly thankful that I’ve had time away from work and all that responsibility for a very personal matter.

My vet, Dr. Bolles, and the staff at Murphy Road Animal Hospital have been everything you could want — compassionate, caring, willing to joke about things, and offering hugs. It meant a great deal to me, and made the decision and death process a little easier.

My family most of all, who have put up with my complaints and having to hear about Trooper all the time, and continued to love me and him, offering emotional and even financial support (those vet bills can add up) when I needed it, and even when I didn’t.

Loss is never easy, but having others care and making that care known makes the loss bearable.

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In Memoriam

Trooper hanging out on the patio on his 7th birthday

So Trooper is gone.

This picture I took on his birthday back in June is how I want to remember him — happy, a little lazy, and just hanging out, pleased to see me.

He was that kind of dog.

I’m not going to say he was perfect — he wasn’t. He never did get the hang of a couple of basic commands, and he often stepped all over my toes just being a big moose. 😉

Trooper wasn’t perfect, but he was mine, a part of my life that I will never forget, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my life with him.

I will miss him a great deal.

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Last Hours

I’m putting Trooper to sleep this afternoon.

Part of me — an integral aspect of who I am — is about to go missing, never to be recovered, and I feel a great deal of grief for its absence, even before the fact.

Part of me feels peace about it all, because I know (I KNOW) I’m doing the right thing for Trooper (and me) and he won’t have to suffer and be in pain just because I wasn’t compassionate enough to make the decision.

Part of me finds some humor in all this, right down to a bit of happiness in sharing a bag of Trader Joe’s Cheese Puffs (reduced fat, no less!) with Trooper. It made me happy to see him perk up and be excited to eat junk food he normally would never get.

Part of me feels relief that all the stress — emotional, financial — is about to go away. No more interrupted sleep because I had to get up 5 times to clean up accidents or constant laundering of towels and bedding.

Part of me feels guilty for feeling relief and joy in the little things.

So Trooper (aka The Big Black Dog) and I are just going to hang out together, then get in the car and go for one last ride.

And that will be it.

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Boy/Girl Party

Believe it or not, I really do know some nifty and cool people. And here is proof. I give you, Boy/Girl Party:

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