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Attacked from Above

So the other night I had fallen asleep during a re-watch of Zoolander (one of my favorite guilty pleasures) from a full tummy of Mas Tacos (OMG, I cannot even begin to tell you how good that stuff is — I may have a new food addiction. Thanks, Megan!).

The Boone dog had to go out. I was so groggy I barely could figure out how to open the door. It was drizzling a little, so thankfully Boone was all business. All I had to do was stand out on the patio just at the edge of the awning and wait for him to finish before crashing for the night.

That’s when something touched my hair.

I was still so sleepy, I didn’t even think much other than, oh, the awning is touching my hair or wow the rain is picking up. I even had a brief thought that maybe one of the bats flew a little too close and I felt it.

That’s when something clawed at my hair and face.

Holy crap, adrenaline works fast, my friends. Instant heart pounding, full alert status, regardless of sleepiness. I raised my hands up for protection, hit something furry and soft but sharp, and panicked even more.

Was it ninjas sent to assassin me for knowing too much? Zombies – the thinking, fast kind of course, to get above me? Possums on a rampage? Squirrels from the gutter?

Yes, I actually thought those things, and in that order. Hey, I’d just been asleep and dreaming and while the adrenaline woke up my body, I think my brain was still working at the reptile / early brain level.

Turns out, Mac the cat was just hanging ON TOP OF THE AWNING and had pawed me over the edge. As cats are wont to do, I suppose.

What. The. Hell.

I have no idea how he got up there. Had he been on the roof, too? No idea. Once I realized he was up there, I tried to get him down, and he didn’t seem like he was stuck or all that interested in coming down. Mac was thrilled with taunting me over the edge of the awning and through a seam that has apparently come apart.

I finally had to stand on a chair and grab him down.

Mac the cat seemed quite pleased with himself, and spent the rest of the night cuddled up with me on the bed. His every movement woke me up at high alert.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well the rest of the night.

This photo of the awning above the doors going out to my patio will provide some background to the story. When I stand just under the edge of the awning, it’s about a hands width / kitty paw length above my head.


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When I got home from work last night, I noticed Mac hanging out on the patio table and my backyard bunny chomping away about 12 feet away. Amazingly, they both stayed like that long enough for me take a picture:

cat watches the bunny

Mac eyeing the backyard bunny

You can barely see the bunny on the middle left, near the overgrown bushes. Mac is watching him from the top of the patio table. Mac was really lazy, and didn’t even chase the bunny after he bounded away when I walked closer. I see this bunny all the time in the yard — maybe I should give him a name already. He (or she) is practically a pet these days, the way he (or she) is constantly around nibbling on my lawn.

At least the bunny wasn’t noshing on my strawberries.

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Wild Kingdom in My Backyard

I noticed the other day the skink(s) was/were back, hanging out around the stone wall on my patio. Apparently, Mac the cat noticed as well. Check out the excitement and riveting commentary: 😉

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a.k.a. McKitteh, Macaroni, Mac Attack, and Sam (according to my mom).

Just look at that face.

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More Quotes From My Mother

“That Sam is always wanting outside. He’s like a dog.” – referring to my cat, Mac. Apparently, Mac “looks like a Sam” and thus should be renamed. And is also part dog.

“You need a little dog, like Beau.” This in contrast to me only needing a cat. Oh, and after being told repeatedly when Mac started showing up in my yard that the last thing I needed was a cat.

“Why do you have to work so much? You should take some time off.”

“I don’t understand why I can’t ask questions.” – When told to be quiet for the next hour because it’s a new episode of LOST and I must watch it.

“What kind of craziness is this? That’s not a question.” – While watching LOST.

“You ate nicer when you were 2. So messy. Maybe I should put down a drop cloth.” – While watching me try to eat with my right (non-dominant) hand while my left (dominant) arm is in a sling with a broken shoulder.

Ah, a mother’s love. 😉

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Cat in a Tree

So I’m waiting for the delivery people to get her with my washer and dryer, and Mac is looking outside longingly. I open the door, he runs out, and it’s only then that I notice a white cat roaming around the backyard.

I watched a live action version of a cartoon for a few minutes, as the cats chase each other and the poor squirrel caught in the middle. Then it turns ugly — white kitty runs up one of my trees. Mac looks smug.

Long story short, white kitty, aka Snowflake, belongs to a neighbor in the condos behind my house, loves tree climbing, and is stuck in my black walnut. Mac looks smug and bored, so he goes off exploring. Apparently his work is done.

Martha, a very nice woman, comes out with Snowflake’s brother, Haji, to lure Snowflake down. It’s takes food and me walking away (I guess I’m scary) to get Snowflake all the way down, with a few tense moments in between. Then Snowflake gets stuck on the wrong side of the fence — my yard — and is slightly traumatized by me trying to be friendly. He finds a spot to squeeze under the fence and runs home.

I come back in, realize I’ve stepped not only in mud (the yard is one big mud hole this morning) but in something bloody and feathery, and not necessarily fresh. Lovely.

Mac is still out exploring. Hope he doesn’t get stuck in a tree, because I’ve had enough adventures today.

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Outside Kitteh

Mac is an indoor / outdoor cat. (Before any cat lovers get all up in arms, my vet is aware of this and is ok with it — Mac was outdoors before he found me, you know.)

I keep him indoors as much as possible and he has a litter box that he uses, but he still likes to explore. I think he needs outside experiences for his mental health, because he always seems happier and less stressed when allowed out.

With the cold and snow, I hesitated to let him out, but he wanted to go. This photo documents Mac’s encounter with snow this morning. He stuck a paw in and promptly turned around (see: left side of photo paw prints). Before he came all the way back in though, he turned back around and ventured out in yard (see: right side of photo paw prints).

Why brave the cold and snow when there is a nice warm house with a litter box?

Because Mac likes to poop outside and then hang out under a bush to jump out at unsuspecting passerby — until recently, Trooper or visiting dogs.

Who am I to argue with his kitteh nature?

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