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30 Dumb Inventions

From Life Magazine: 30 Dumb Inventions.

I don’t know, some of those seem kinda cool, like illuminated tires. It’s a wonder those don’t make a comeback.


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Ugh… Sick

I’m not sure if it’s nature trying to kill me with allergies or a virus, but I feel terrible. A slight spike in temperature, but not enough to qualify as a fever, lots of congestion, coughing, general upper respiratory yuckiness. Yeah, it’s been a fun weekend, let me tell you.

I hope I can be alert enough to watch the National Parks documentary starting tonight on PBS, and that I can pull myself together for work tomorrow, because I can’t miss. (Thanks, special project!)

It’s times like this when I really wish I had a boyfriend / husband — someone to do things like walk the Big Black Dog, do some laundry, get meds from the store, and take care of me.

Don’t worry, I doubt the pity party will last long. 🙂

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Wildlife Inventory

You can add a possum to the list of wildlife seen in my yard.

To recap, there’s been the usual squirrels and birds (including a beautiful cardinal), but also bunnies, bats, skinks, snakes, coyotes, a kitty (who is apparently now a permanent addition). Of course the Big Black Dog should be included, but he’s mainly indoors. I’m probably missing a few critters, too. I would not be surprised to see raccoons one day. I hope I don’t though.

And based on the evidence seen around the front and under my car, you can subtract one bird. All the gray and white feathers explains why Mac the kitty didn’t seem all that hungry over the weekend.

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First Day of Fall

Today (22 September 2009) is the fall equinox, aka the first day of fall.

Yeah, that’s all I got today. Sorry, work and other life things have been keeping me busy. I promise to do better from now on.

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Are You Ready?

My friends and I had lunch at the hospital cafeteria yesterday. This is what we found on our table:


Yes, someone had so kindly left a notecard outlining how to prepare a car zombie emergency kit. It’s difficult to read in the photo, but written in under blanket is “machete”.

(I wish we could have taken credit for such lunchtime awesomeness, but alas it was really found that way. Sorry for the photo’s poor quality, it was taken with my iphone.)

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Guess I Have a Cat Now, Too

It’s been over a month since Mr. Kitty first appeared at my house. The cat just showed up. He must have known I was a good mark.

Attempts at finding his “real” home have not panned out.

I didn’t want a cat, but I’m a big softie — feeding him twice a day, just like the Big Black Dog — so I guess he’s mine now.

He’s usually waiting at the door in the morning when I let the BBD out for his morning business. He’s often waiting on the patio when I come home from work. He tries to sneak in the house whenever he can, even though he is fully aware of his outside status. I suspect he doesn’t venture too far afield from the house and backyard, because he never seems to be gone for long when he is gone.

Looks like whether I like it or not, I’ve been adopted by a cat.

Introducing Mac — aka Killer Kitty, aka Mr. Kitty.

Why yes, I DO think I run this place, why do you ask?

Why yes, I DO think I run this place, why do you ask?

Mac is short for Mackerel because of his coloring, not because I’m a mac person.

Now I just have to suck it up and take him to the vet for his vaccinations and neutering. With my luck, he’ll disappear as soon as I do that.

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No Acorn Shortage This Year

oak tree

Last year, there was a great deal of concern because of a lack of acorns. This article from CNN — Scientists baffled by mysterious acorn shortage — is typical of the coverage.

Well, let me tell you, I don’t think there is a shortage of acorns this year.

I have two huge oak trees in my front yard, and I’ve been bombarded by acorns. And it really is a bombardment — acorns cover the lawn, my walkway and steps in the front, hitting the sidewalk and awning so much I thought at first someone was knocking on the door. Acorns hitting the roof wake me up most mornings.

Most of the time when I look out the front windows there are at least 2 squirrels gathering acorns or chowing down on them, leaving bits and pieces for me to clean up.

It’s been a little less lately, so maybe the worst is over. Still, I got dinged in the head this morning while sweeping off the bits of acorn in front of the door. It hurt. A lot. Especially considering the size of the thing. I think I’ll have a knot on my head from it. Thanks a lot, gravity.

Weapon of mass destruction? You decide.

Weapon of mass destruction? You decide.

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