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Bug the Rat

Apparently I have mice and rats on the brain today. (Ha!)

Bug the rat is a model, and cute as she can be! Here’s her story and flickr page.

(First seen on Neatorama.)


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Brain Stem, Brain Stem!

I’ve been reading a great deal about cardiac anatomy lately, but couldn’t find a good video of that. Instead I give your brain anatomy, as done by Pinky and the Brain:

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xkcd’s Kindle Theory

I may have to rethink my decision on not getting a Kindle after seeing yesterday’s xkcd comic.

Wonder if they come with a towel?

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It may be difficult, but be alert in the morning when preparing breakfast. Don’t reach blindly into the fridge for a particularly-shaped container on a shelf and assume it’s the same thing you always get. Pay attention to what comes out. Orange juice is no substitute for milk in your Froot Loops.

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backyard path

There’s a well-worn path in my backyard starting at the top of the steps and going all the way up to the back fence. You can sort of see it in the photo — it starts just behind the Big Black Dog and curves up a little to the right, just in front of his nose.

According to the real estate agent that did the sale, that path was made by the previous owner’s dog. My first thought when I heard that was, “that poor dog, hope they gave him medication for his OCD.”

For a while Trooper kept bringing in nasty, used up bones that he found in the yard — I assume from the previous dog’s bone stash, since I never give him such things. (Don’t feel sorry for the Big Black Dog, he is not deprived by anyone’s standards.) I suspect the bone stash location was at the end of that path.

I’ve now lived in my house 7 months, and during that time I’ve noticed that the pooch does not ever follow that path. He’ll cross it, but he won’t follow it.

Trooper tends to explore the whole backyard, sniffing everything along the way. He progresses up through the yard, left to right in a zigzag pattern — covering the entire area, stopping along the way when something smells interesting (probably the rabbits), or whatever it might be that grabs his attention. Sometimes he’ll come back with a fresh new stick or mud on his feet, usually with a doggie grin on his face.

The Big Black Dog always looks pleased with himself, no matter where he’s been in the yard.

Trooper doesn’t limit himself to a particular path or certain area, he’s open and goes whenever his nose leads him.

I think there’s a lesson on life-long learning and the cost of self-limiting behavior in that somewhere.

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Dolly Parton and Me

To round out the apparent Dolly theme I have going on lately, I got videos of Dolly that I am in. Seriously. How I love teh interwebs and YouTube. You can find just about anything.

Back in the day, Dolly Parton had a variety show. She filmed a Thanksgiving special in Sevierville, and invited family, friends, and students from the local high schools, including the marching band of her alma mater SCHS, to take part.

She performed “Mountain Magic” on the steps of the county courthouse, which has a statue of Dolly out front, in downtown Sevierville.

At 1:09, to the right of the screen, you can first see a shot of 4 people wearing SCHS purple and white band uniforms sitting on the window ledges behind Dolly performing. They are holding a banner, which reads “Sevier County High”. You can see the banner and the 4 figures better at 1:38.

I can’t really tell who’s who, and my memory may be off, but I think I’m the one on the far left. Yep, that’s me as a freshman in high school, when I was part of the Sevier County Marching Band.

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I mentioned in my post about Dolly getting a doctorate that my dad and grandmother had a connection to her. Here’s photographic proof:

Caton's Chapel class, circa 1954

Caton's Chapel class, circa 1954

Dolly is on the right side of the photo, last child on the second row. She’s barefoot (most of the kids are, if you look closely), with the teacher’s right arm behind her head in the photo.

My grandmother, the other teacher, is on the far left. My dad is the fourth one on the front row. He’s barefoot, got his right hand in his pocket, and almost dead center. Isn’t he a cutie?

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